Flooring Water Repairs


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Flooring Water Repairs

Flooring Water Repairs in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City

Whenever you have a flood or leak at home, your floors come in contact with the water first. Although you might think that your floors are safe once you dry them up with a mop or sponge, this method is not enough to protect them. Water can be easily absorbed by wooden and carpeted floors. Surfaces that are unable to get fully dried will become moist or damp, which can cause ongoing damage. The professional crew at Dreyer’s DKI can help you resolve the moisture problem before it causes more issues.

Moisture encourages mold and mildew, wood rotting, structural weakening, and bad-smelling odors. Resolving the impact of ongoing water damage can be challenging and nearly impossible using DIY methods. If your floors have been impacted by water damage, your best chance of preserving their form and function is to call in the professionals right away.

Repairing Floors the Professional Way

The experts at Dreyer’s DKI have been in the restoration business for over forty years, so we know exactly what to do with water damage disasters. With the help of our high-end equipment, tested and proven methods, and professional touch, we promise that your floors will not look like they have experienced a disaster.

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