What Role Does a Hygienist Play in the Mold Remediation Process?

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An industrial hygienist is responsible for planning, addressing, and providing solutions to health and safety concerns in the workplace. They often use science to solve health and safety issues. For example, your workplace probably has an industrial hygienist responsible for using safety data sheets composed by chemical manufacturers containing specific information about any chemical your company might use.

At Dreyer's DKI in Gainesville and Jacksonville, Fl., we work with industrial hygienists to conduct our mold remediation process. After all, one of the primary responsibilities of a hygienist is recognizing hazards and removing them safely and effectively. For our services, a hygienist will identify areas of your home infested by mold and specifically what type of mold is present so we can get to work.

We often use hygienists for our inspection phase of mold remediation, though not all mold remediation or removal projects will require a hygienist. While all types of mold can be a nuisance to your health, there are forms of toxic mold called toxigenic mold, and under the right conditions, they can produce mycotoxins. This type of mold can trigger respiratory problems for people who have asthma or allergies. The hygienist will quickly identify whether the mold is toxic or non-toxic.

Industrial Hygienist vs. Certified Mold Inspector

A certified mold inspector performs tests to locate sources of moisture in the air and recommends types of mold tests that may need to be conducted. Industrial hygienists are microbiologists who work with certified mold inspectors and develop the testing protocols for the tests that certified mold inspectors conduct. Unlike a CMI, a hygienist can develop and execute specific mold cleanup protocols. 

Hygienists and CMIs are similar, but tests done by CMIs are not as thorough and are often less expensive than tests conducted by hygienists. Only hygienists are qualified to identify different types of mold. A hygienist will also evaluate the moldy area after the cleanup to determine the quality of the work done. 

Dreyer’s DKI provides mold removal and mold remediation throughout Northeast Florida. We work and consult closely with our hygienists to ensure that our services meet their standards. Our clients can rest assured that we will identify and remove mold in the safest possible manner.

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