How much does water damage repair cost?

Water damage can be a costly problem, and the cost of repair can vary significantly depending on several factors. Understanding these factors can help you estimate how much you may need to spend to restore your home after water damage. Factors that contribute to the cost of water damage repair include the extent of the […]

September 22 / 2023

Professional Water Damage Cleanup: Fast & Reliable Services

Dealing with water damage can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re unsure of what steps to take. Professional water damage cleanup services can provide fast and reliable solutions to mitigate the damage and prevent further complications. When faced with water damage, it’s crucial to act quickly to minimize the damage and prevent potential health […]

September 8 / 2023

Water Damage Repair Services: Fast & Reliable Solutions

Water damage can be a nightmare for homeowners and businesses alike. Whether it’s due to a burst pipe, a flood, or any other unexpected water-related incident, the damage can be severe and long-lasting. This is where our water damage repair services come in. We understand your water damage needs and offer fast and reliable solutions […]

August 25 / 2023

Emergency Water Restoration: Fast & Reliable Service 24/7

Water damage emergencies can strike at any time and cause significant harm to your property. It is imperative to act fast to minimize further damage and protect your valuable assets. That’s where emergency water restoration services come in – offering fast and reliable response available 24/7. Whether you are dealing with a burst pipe, a […]

August 11 / 2023

Water Damage Jacksonville: Expert Restoration & Cleanup Services

If you live in Jacksonville, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. Heavy rain and flooding can cause significant water damage to your property, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. Fortunately, there are expert restoration and cleanup services available to help you through this difficult time. Water damage can pose […]

July 31 / 2023

Mold Remediation vs Mold Removal: Learn the Difference

Mold is a common problem that can affect any home or building. It can cause health issues and damage property if not addressed promptly. When it comes to dealing with mold, two terms that are often used interchangeably are mold removal and mold remediation. However, there is a significant difference between the two. Mold removal […]

July 23 / 2023

Have a Leak in a Ceiling that is Turning into Water Damage?

If your ceiling has sustained water damage, immediate action must be taken. Otherwise, serious issues like structural integrity issues, mold growth and health risks could arise. First step to repairing water damage to a ceiling: locate its source. From there on out, the rest should go smoothly. Find the Source of the Leak in the […]

June 29 / 2023

Searching for the Cost to Fix Water Damage in Florida?

Water damage restoration costs depend on the nature and severity of damage. An initial inspection helps assess what needs to be done, while an estimate can then help establish an exact figure. Water damage can result from floodwater, leaky roofs or appliances, or broken pipes bursting. Untreated, it may lead to mold growth and cause […]

June 13 / 2023

Water Damage Carpet: How to Clean Your Flooring in North Florida

Water damage to carpets is a common problem that many homeowners face. Whether it’s due to a leaky roof, a burst pipe, or a flood, water damage can cause significant damage to carpets and other flooring materials. When carpets get wet, they can quickly become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can cause […]

May 31 / 2023

4 Most Common Summer Restoration Jobs in Alachua, FL

As the summer months approach in Alachua, FL and the surrounding areas, it’s essential for residents and businesses to prepare for the potential damages that can arise from the warmer weather. At Dreyer’s DKI, a reputable water damage restoration company serving Alachua, FL, and the nearby communities, we understand the importance of prompt repairs and […]

May 11 / 2023

How to File a Water Damage Claim in Jacksonville, FL

Water damage can be devastating for homeowners, causing significant expenses, repairs, and other health concerns such as mold and mildew. As a water damage restoration company located in Jacksonville, Florida, Dreyer’s DKI understands the importance of filing a water damage claim with your homeowner’s insurance provider quickly and efficiently. In this article, we will provide […]

April 28 / 2023

Have Flood Damage in Gainesville?

Flood damage, as defined by FEMA, occurs from any event that results in flooding such as flash floods, burst pipes or prolonged roof leaks. When buying a home, it can be challenging to know if a property has experienced flood damage in the past. There are some steps you can take to help ensure that […]

April 14 / 2023

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is the process of returning a home or commercial property to its pre-loss condition. This involves clearing away all standing water and disinfecting affected areas to prevent mold or mildew growth. Furthermore, it involves replacing any materials damaged by flooding such as drywall below the flood line, wood trim boards and carpet […]

March 31 / 2023

The Basics of Water Damage Restoration in Florida

Water damage is a widespread issue that can be caused by many different causes. Pipes break, sinks and toilets overflow, roofs leak, and more can all lead to this problem. When homeowners experience water damage, it’s essential they contact a Water Damage Restoration professional immediately. These specialists specialize in cleaning up and restoring properties that […]

March 17 / 2023

How to Deal With Apartment Water Damage in North Florida

Water damage to an apartment can be a devastating issue. Not only does it ruin furniture and appliances, but also carpeting and other belongings on-the-spot; but it may also lead to mold and mildew growth in Gainesville, Jacksonville and North Florida. Identifying Who’s Liable for Water Damage The initial step in identifying who is accountable […]

March 3 / 2023

Prevent Mold After Water Damage

Water damage can be a massive headache. Not only does it cause destruction and chaos in your home, but it can also lead to dangerous mold growth if not dealt with properly. This blog post will discuss preventing mold after water damage in your home. We will cover everything from cleanup to prevention so that […]

March 1 / 2023

Classify Your Water Damage

Water damage can cause severe issues. Not only can it cause extensive damage to your property, but it can also lead to health problems for you and your family. Knowing what type of water damage you are dealing with is essential to take the necessary steps to address the issue. In this blog post, we […]

February 1 / 2023

The Dangers of Black Mold and What You Can Do About It

If you’ve ever had a plumbing leak or water damage in your home, you likely dealt with mold, too. When mold spores come into contact with moisture, they grow and reproduce. Three types of mold commonly grow in homes:  1) allergenic, which causes discomfort for people with allergies and asthma; 2) pathogenic, which can cause […]

January 2 / 2023

Plumbing Partnership: Why Refer Clients to Dreyer’s DKI

Excellent Customer Service Is Our Mission Dreyer’s DKI prides itself on delivering the best customer service possible. Our customers are likely dealing with a stressful time, and we want to ensure they’re cared for. When a plumber refers our company to one of their clients, that is a serious responsibility. After a plumber has completed […]

December 1 / 2022

How To Clean Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot can be very damaging to your possessions. Getting your things cleaned up as soon as possible is essential if you have recently been through a fire. Most people think their items are ruined and cannot be restored, but this is not the case! Many smoke and soot damage cleaning services, like Dreyer’s […]

November 1 / 2022

Furnaces Are The Leading Cause Of Home Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, furnaces are the leading cause of home fires. Most of the time, we don’t think about the dangers that improper care of our furnaces can do to our homes. It is essential to be aware of the causes and take appropriate action to prevent furnace fires. This blog […]

October 3 / 2022

How Mold Can Affect You

Allowing mold to settle into your home could be putting your health at risk. If you have allergies, mold spores can irritate them and cause your immune system to go into overdrive. Mold exposure could put children at risk of becoming asthmatics, even if they don’t have allergies. In 2014, the World Health Organization estimated […]

September 1 / 2022

What Role Does a Hygienist Play in the Mold Remediation Process?

An industrial hygienist is responsible for planning, addressing, and providing solutions to health and safety concerns in the workplace. They often use science to solve health and safety issues. For example, your workplace probably has an industrial hygienist responsible for using safety data sheets composed by chemical manufacturers containing specific information about any chemical your […]

August 1 / 2022

Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation

When you spot mold in their home, your immediate reaction might be to call a home restoration company. Mold can cause severe breathing issues, and people with allergies and asthma are especially at risk. Once you’re on the phone with your home restoration specialist, your impulse may be to tell them to get rid of […]

July 1 / 2022

Things You Can Do to Prevent Water Damage

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 29.4% of home insurance claims were attributed to water damage and freezing in the past year. Some instances of water damage — like flooding — may not be covered by your insurance company. Fortunately, there are active steps that you can take to stop water from hurting the structure […]

June 5 / 2022

What are the signs of Water Damage? What Should You Do Next?

Water damage is a widespread issue. According to information gathered by, household water damage costs average approximately $20 billion annually. If you’re considering the use of water damage services, you are not alone.  While it’s easy to detect overt and late-stage water damage like flooding or a busted pipe, it helps to look for […]

May 5 / 2022

Do You Know What’s In Your Homeowners Policy?

Did you know that your homeowner’s policy may not cover some of the disasters you think it might? Understanding your policy details allows you to know when your insurance company may pick up the tab for a disaster or if you may have to do it yourself.  So, what does a home owner’s insurance policy […]

April 4 / 2022