Burst & Frozen Pipe Repairs


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Burst & Frozen Pipe Repairs

Burst & Frozen Pipe Repairs in the Gainesville and Jacksonville Area

When the outside temperature starts dropping, ice can form on various surfaces like your metal pipes. The lower temperature can cause the water in the plumbing to freeze, which could cause numerous blockages throughout the system. If something is hindering the water from flowing smoothly, pressure starts building up in the pipes. Too much pressure causes the pipes to expand and burst if given enough time. To prevent your pipes from freezing, make it a habit to winterize your plumbing before the cold season arrives. If you have a frozen or burst pipe disaster, never delay the repair process because damage can be ongoing.

Secondary Water Damage from Burst Pipes

Waiting for a frozen pipe to burst is dangerous. The leak caused by the burst pipe can create secondary water damages, which include:

  • Indoor flooding
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Dry rot
  • Bacterial, pest, and insect infestation
  • Other kinds of property damage

If you are looking for professional burst and frozen pipe repairs in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City, Florida, contact Dreyer’s DKI immediately.  We have been repairing burst and frozen pipe damage since 1979, so we have the experience and skill to correctly handle the problem.

Dreyer’s DKI is Always Ready to Help

Repairing a burst or frozen pipe can be difficult, especially if you encounter problems that cannot be solved via DIY methods. Without the right equipment and know-how, you can make matters worse. You can trust the professionals at Dreyer’s DKI to handle the repairs from start to finish. Our excellent workmanship helps reduce your chances of having another burst pipe.

Dreyer’s DKI offers professional burst and frozen pipe repairs as well as other water damage restoration services. Our processes are reliable, efficient, and conducted correctly every time. Our technicians are licensed and certified, ensuring that your property is always in good hands. Your time and resources are never wasted when Dreyer’s DKI has your back. You can contact us at 352-403-0085 Our emergency services are available 24/7.