Fire Safety Tips


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Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips for Properties in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala & Lake City, FL

Fire Safety Tips for Properties in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala & Lake City, FL

Fire-related incidents can easily get out of hand, but you can more easily control the situation if you and your household are prepared. With the right plan and equipment, you can quickly put out small flames before they can escalate into raging fires. To ensure that you and your family can manage fire disasters safely, take the following fire safety precautions:

Make a Working Fire Escape Plan

Creating a working fire escape plan ensures that your family is prepared for an emergency. Fires can start anywhere, so make sure that everyone knows what to do once a fire breaks out. The best fire escape plans are the ones that can get everyone out of the house in the safest and fastest way possible. Your plan should assign respective exits and meeting places that everyone can easily get to. We recommend practicing home fire drills at least twice a year, so escaping a fire becomes instinctual.

To make your fire escape plan more effective, consider doing the following tips:

  • Assign people to watch over family members who have mobility problems or limitations.
  • Choose an open space to meet up that is close by for everyone to reach but will still be far from the fire.
  • If you have house guests, share your fire escape routes and plans with them.
  • Keep emergency numbers nearby or saved on your mobile devices (e.g. fire department, police, etc.)
  • If your windows have security bars, make sure that they have emergency release devices.
  • Ensure that you have working smoke detectors, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers.
Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm

Smoke detectors, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers are your first lines of defense whenever a fire breaks out. Smoke detectors and fire alarms alert you when there is a fire, while a fire extinguisher allows you to put out the flames at a safe distance. For these systems to work in your favor, you have to install them strategically in your home. Fire alarms and smoke detectors should be installed throughout your home, especially in fire-prone spaces like your kitchen and laundry room. Fire extinguishers must be placed in nearby, easy-to-reach areas.

Inspect Your Systems Regularly

Once your property is equipped with the necessary fire prevention equipment, you should make it a habit to have them inspected regularly. Malfunctioning fire alarms or fire extinguishers are quite common, so you do not want to encounter these problems once a fire starts. You need to contact your local fire safety inspectors if you want your equipment maintained properly. These authorities can recommend if your system needs repair or replacement, and warn you if your fire extinguishers have expired.

Dreyer’s DKI is On-Call 24/7 

If you have faced a devastating fire, contact Dreyer’s DKI for professional help and a fast response. Our company offers an extensive fire damage restoration service that restores your home’s safety. Our procedures follow tried-and-tested methods that eliminate the primary and secondary effects of fire damage. Plus, our technicians are fully licensed and ready to provide excellent customer care. Dreyer’s DKI is ready to be your go-to restoration company for any fire-related scenario. Just give us a call at 352-403-0085 anytime because our emergency services are on-call 24/7.  Our services are available in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City Florida.



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