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What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that grows naturally outdoors, but it can also grow inside your home. Fungus thrives in warm and humid environments, typically growing when wood rots or becomes damp.

Mold is a resilient fungus and can appear behind the drywall. If left unnoticed, the fungus can release spores that float up through your HVAC system, where it can be inhaled by the rest of your family.

Because of how mold impacts air quality, homeowners should be concerned about their health and the value of their property if mold is present.

Moldy Problems

When you have toxic mold, there is a bigger issue. Some species of mold are considered “toxigenic,” which means that under the right conditions, they can produce mycotoxins. Toxic mold can trigger respiratory problems that can be dangerous, especially if you have allergies.

Even if mold is not toxic, the mold still poses a gigantic problem for the home. Mold can cause rotting wood, peeling paint, and an unpleasant smell. Any variety of mold will negatively impact your air quality and cleanliness as well.

Can I Get Rid of Mold?

Unfortunately, completely removing all traces of mold spores is impossible as there will always be spores floating through the air. Discouraging further mold growth by eliminating moisture is the most important factor for getting rid of mold. Mold cannot survive without moisture. As long as your home is clean, dry, waterproofed, and airtight, mold will no longer be a problem.

If implemented with the proper knowledge and training, mold removal can be an effective and permanent remediation.

Mold Removal Services at Dreyer's DKI

At Dreyer’s DKI, we have the tools and the experience to remove mold and give your family the clean and healthy home that they deserve. Give us a call at 352-403-0085 and we will take care of the rest. We have over forty years of experience, so you can trust our proven track record combating mold. We also offer fire damage restoration, storm damage restoration, water damage restoration, floor cleaning services, and more. We proudly serve Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City, Florida.

Contact Dreyer’s DKI if you have any questions or concerns. With our help, your home can be clean and unwelcoming to mold!



Prompt service. Very helpful and explained the steps to be taken for clean up and how they would provide insurance information for claims adjustment. Would recommend them.


Such a great company to work with!


Joe was not on time he was 30 minutes early WOW!! Joe was awesome I don't think he even took a break. He was very professional and careful, did bang the walls up or make any marks dragging the hose thru the doorways to each room. I highly recommend Dreyer for all your needs. Thank you Keith


They were very efficient and answered my call at a moments notice. I highly recommend Dreyer’s for anyone with water damages.


They were at the house within a few hours of us calling and immediately got to work. They have been very good with communication with me and my insurance company.


Had some mold concerns in my home and the Project manager was so helpful. He helped me understand what was going on and advised me to keep my ac on when I was awa. I would definitely recommend using them if you have an concerns about mold in your home.


Very efficient and thorough.


Derek and Topher from Dreyer’s were great! Knew exactly what they were doing and contained the problem fast!


Great people, and great work done by Kyle B and Vic!


DKI was WONDERFUL! They came in after we experienced a pipe burst in our shower which was recently remodeled by Morgan Exteriors. DKI went to bat for us submitting pictures and communicated with Morgan's Jacksonville manager on our behalf. Which was very helpful. The crew (Oscar) was professional, very responsive and did quality work with the clean up, removal of the wet flooring and dry up. They...


Desmond helped clean up and dry my laundry room when the washer valve wouldn’t shut off. Very professional and quick response time.


Ricardo, Kyle, and Jackson were all super helpful in an unexpected leak situation in my apartment. The process was very quick and their work was great!


Desmond was professional and patient with everything. Will definitely call them again for any restoration my home may need.


Pleased, on schedule, on time, reasonable price


Excellent services, professional manner. Thank You Dreyer DKI.


Dreyer's was fast to get us on the schedule and our carpets looked great when they were done!


Excellent service. First company I have ever hired that communicated eta at all times. Clean non-smoking staff. Super respectful of my belongings. Easy to work with and communicated process every step of the way during a very stressful process for my family due to water damage. Contained dust to work area. Highly recommend.


Very pleased with Austin and Rick doing some work in my 2 bathrooms. They left the place clean and their work was very professional and thorough.We were impressed by both of them.


Very pleased with Austin and Rick doing some work in my 2 bathrooms. They left the place clean and their work was very professional and thorough.We were impressed by both of them.


They did a great job and were very professional about everything will definitely use them again if ever needed.


I highly recommend Dreyers Carpet care. The past 5 times I have used Joe, Victor & Kyle and they have all done great work for me. I especially like the new products Kyle used this past week. They are AMAZING especially after hosting a house full for 4th of July. Everything is super clean and I am happy with their work.


Excellent services per Ricardo and Matthew, very professional and courtesy. Thank You all for your services.


Ricardo, Junior and Matt were competent, helpful, friendly, and communicative.


Dreyer's is incredible! We experienced a busted pipe which led to water and mold damage. They were able to come out to the house, rip out what needed to come up, get everything dried out (which was no small feat), and treat the mold all in less than a week. At one point, I came back to the house (we were in an Airbnb) to get some things and was apparently pretty quiet because they didn't realize I...


Dreyer's DKI was very responsive, coming to our home during a holiday weekend. They tore out all of our water-damaged flooring, drywall, and baseboard, and placed fans and dehumidifiers around the house. They also took my area rug and pad to have it cleaned. I'm only giving 4 stars because I don't have the rug back yet, so I don't know how it will look.