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Structural & Contents Drying

Structural & Contents Drying | Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala & Lake City, FL

A flood at your property can damage both your building and its contents. Furniture, appliances, and walls can absorb water, which will then make the restoration process more difficult. Nevertheless, if you contact Dreyer’s DKI to deal with the situation, your property and the contents of your home or office can likely still be recovered.

Professional Service is What You Need

Drying out your soaked valuables is not as simple as just leaving them under the sun. Your belongings may dry off eventually, but there could still be unseen issues. Flood water, rainwater, and plumbing overflow carry various bacteria and germs, which could be absorbed by your furniture and appliances. These microbes will continue to linger even when your items have dried, and they could impact your family’s health.

Handling the aftermath of any water-related disaster on your own is challenging. When you use a professional cleanup team, your property and belongings will be better cared for using the best methods and equipment for the job.

At Dreyer’s DKI, we provide professional water damage restoration services in the areas of Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City, Florida. Not only are we trained to properly address the water damage, but we also provide the following benefits:

Quick Response and Restoration

Dreyer’s DKI values and appreciates your time. We know you are already inconvenienced, so we promise to work efficiently. Whether you are a homeowner wanting to get back in your home or a business owner trying to get back to work, our team is committed to helping you get back to life as soon as possible.

Reliable Service

We always complete our work with a thorough inspection. Our team also restores your items to their pre-damaged condition, so you can feel back at home quickly.

Operational 24/7

Our doors are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and 365 days a year. We all know how unpredictable and untimely a disaster can be, so it is only right that you can reach us at any time.