We’re The Florida Disaster Cleanup Experts You Need 24/7!

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We’re The Florida Disaster Cleanup Experts You Need 24/7!

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Dreyer’s DKI Answers the Call 24/7

When your home or business is faced with a disaster, natural or otherwise, you need a fast and professional response. Dreyer’s DKI is a full-service restoration and disaster cleanup company ready to help manage your emergency. We are a family-owned business with deep roots in the community as we have lived in and served NE Florida since 1979. Our extensive services are designed to help combat a wide variety of disasters, including fire damage, storm damage, water damage, mold damage, and more. Holding certifications from RIA, IICRC, and other industry-leading organizations, our team is experienced, efficient, professional, and reassuring. We are standing by to help with your disaster!

At Dreyer’s DKI, we answer the call!


Water Damage

If you are a homeowner or business owner, you will need water damage cleanup from time to time. Whether you need to rebound from a plumbing overflow, appliance leak, burst pipe, or any type of indoor flood at your property, the experts from Dreyer's DKI can help. Our crews are IICRC-certified for water damage cleanup and structural drying.

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Mold Damage

Does your home or business have a musty smell or visible signs of water damage? Has your home or business ever suffered from water damage such as a flood, leaky roof, leaky toilet, or sewer backup? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you may have a mold issue.

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Fire Damage

When a fire breaks out in your home or business, the flames can spread in a blink of an eye. Local emergency response teams are not the only ones who need to act quickly when dealing with fire damage. After a fire has been put out, call in fire damage cleanup professionals immediately to help minimize the damage to your home or business. The damage that your home or business sustains from a fire disaster can continue long after the fire is put out without professional intervention.

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Contents Cleaning & Restoration

We are a trusted company in Jacksonville & Gainesville, FL, providing fire, smoke, and water damage contents and cleaning services. We have the experience to complete all types of restoration services, including content pack-outs and ensuring your belongings are recovered and restored to the best possible condition.

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Storm Damage

In the event of a storm, your home provides you a roof whenever it rains, shields you from strong winds, and even protects you from foreign debris. If your home sustains damage from inclement weather, the structure and safety of your home may be compromised.

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Every property deserves a second chance, even those that have been damaged by a recent natural disaster. Fires, floods, and other types of catastrophic events occur without warning, and no one can predict the effects of their aftermath. You can trust Dreyer's DKI to take care of your commercial property, especially when it encounters a major disaster.

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Dreyer’s DKI has been providing cleaning and restoration services for over four decades. Our extreme and effective cleaning services are designed to properly clean and disinfect your property in Northeast Florida.

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Cleaned and sealed wood floors with EXCELLENT results! The floors have a nice luster that has not been seen in quite awhile! Vic and Assistant were professional, on time, efficient and knowledgeable! I will be scheduling tile cleaning, and will recommend their services to others!


Brandon was professional, skilled and efficient, even at 1am on his first visit to help me in a situation I was way over my head on. Would definitely recommend to anyone in a pinch with water damage mitigation!

The Siren Boudoir Studio, Photographer Laura

Joe G came out and cleaned area rug for me and some new upholstered chairs that I just acquired.... they are all looking brand new! They got me into their schedule quickly which I really appreciated. Showed up right on time and worked hard. They clearly value customer service, professionalism and seem like compassionate people, which was very appreciated.


Water damage within a frame wall was caused by leaking HVAC water pipe. Diagnosis by John was fast and accurate and response was same day. Wall was opened, mold abated, materials dried, carpet removed and cleaned and wall repairs made. Personnel were prompt and professional. with daily visits. It was especially useful that Jake was able to handle a variety of skilled tasks in a day in an effici...


We had a flood from a burst spigot. We shut off the water, but it became apparent that we didn't have the tools to clean this correctly. The very next morning they showed up, They have these great machines that sucks up the water first, then they have dehumidifiers, etc to dry the rest. They only had to cut a small area out of the wall...they patched it, painted it and it was all fixed within a...


When I reached out to them about a condensate line backing up into the house, they came out within hours and pulled back the carpet and put fans and dehumidifiers. They stopped by every day to see the progress. Once everything was dried out, they removed their equipment. I appreciated how proactive and responsive they were.


Very professional and very pleasant to talk with


Great company. They are friendly and professional. Austin Sizemore has done a great job keeping me informed through the entire proccess.


Reliable, expert, courteous Highly recommend


Brad the project manager was a great communicator and was attentive to our concerns. The leads, Brett and Desmond also answered all of our questions and explained the process and equipment each visit. Derek and Justin, the assistant techs, were also considerate of our requests for Covid protocol. Finally, Jacob repaired the damaged areas and made sure everything was cleaned up and in order. We wou...


They did something you never get …a perfect job. Obvious they are well qualified. Desmond and Ricky. The best of the best. Explained everything which is seldom done. 5 star service!!!


Mike Guerra is a wonderful person. He is very knowledgeable of his craft. He helped me understand what was happening to my carpet and how it was going to get fixed. He is very punctual and respectful. And he keeps his word when he gives you the time frames. I have nothing negative to say about this guy. I’m just happy I was able to do business with him. Mike Guerra thank you again for your help.


We were getting a lot of dust on our mattresses despite weekly sheet and house cleaning. I called to get a quote and explained issue and owner very knowledgeable and explained process. They recommended a morning cleaning so that all four of our mattresses be dry and aired out and ready to sleep on that night. I have an allergy to dust mites and their cleaning has helped tremendously ! Joe was know...


This is an excellent company. Very professional and quickly responsive. They were on site within 20 minutes after mold discovery. Crew communicated well and problem was contained same day. They provided full documentation to insurance company. I would use DKI any time I needed the services they offer.


Austin S and James H came out right away and helped our business get dry. They were great and professional.


Austin and James started work as soon as they arrived and worked steadily and efficiently. They picked up trash and debris as they worked. They did not waste any time talking, etc. They knew their job and did it. They were well mannered and polite.


Professional, respectful good service


Our experience started with the expert analysis of John F. followed by the detailed clean-up work of Junior and Julian. These two guys were on site when scheduled, very pleasant, and took pride in their work. A big thumbs up!


I had a very stinky, expensive dog bed that I have tried to wash several times with not luck. I took the bed to Dreyer's carpet care and Vic did an amazing job! Not only did the smell go away, the bed looked brand new! One happy dog and mom!


The service was way more than what I expected. The technician was knowledgeable respectful and on time. The carpets looked brand new when he was done and we had been in this apartment for four years.


Austin Sizemore and Ricardo Deleon were a pleasure to work with! Very professional and friendly! I would highly recommend their services!

Bill / Cody Martin /

Brett and JR did a great job for me fast friendly and professional.


Had Dreyer's do a Duct cleaning at one of our rentals because the tenants complained about an oder. The 2 guys who did the work were very professional. I would definitely recommend them for Duct cleaning.


Dreyer's DKI came out and checked for mold in my condo on the Beach. They didn't find any thank goodness. They did however tell me how I can lower the humidity in my home. The inspector was very professional and I appreciate their honesty. Would definitely recommend Dreyer's DKI if you even think you may have mold.


All technicians were curtious.. they were thorough and quick they explained the process and tried to normalize our lives. We had just moved in and hadn't even unpacked, so we were stressing really bad. They assured us it would go ok. We had enjoyable experience with this company. Thanks to all of staff that handled in problem..

Residential or Commercial, We’ve Got You Covered.


Every property deserves a second chance, even those that have been damaged by a recent natural disaster. Fires, floods, and other types of catastrophic events occur without warning, and no one can predict the effects of their aftermath. You can trust Dreyer's DKI to take care of your commercial property, especially when it encounters a major disaster.

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Your home is one of the most important places on Earth. When a disaster strikes, be it from a natural flood or a faulty home appliance, you can trust Dreyer’s DKI to take care of the clean-up fast thanks to 4 decades of experience serving our community with professionalism and care worthy of your business.

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The Local Company You Can Trust

Dreyer’s DKI has been a staple of the Northeast Florida community going back to 1979. We’ve been a pillar of our communities due to our commitment to serving the needs of our clients to the fullest extent. Our team genuinely cares about our clients and that passion is seen in the level of customer service we provide.

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Are you interested in a meaningful career in restoration? We are always looking for dedicated and hardworking professionals to join our team. You can search our current listings or reach out to our staff for more information.

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Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation

When you spot mold in their home, your immediate reaction might be to call a home restoration company. Mold can cause severe breathing issues, and people with allergies and asthma are especially at risk. Once you’re on the phone with your home restoration specialist, your impulse may be to tell them to get rid of […]

July 1 / 2022

Things You Can Do to Prevent Water Damage

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 29.4% of home insurance claims were attributed to water damage and freezing in the past year. Some instances of water damage — like flooding — may not be covered by your insurance company. Fortunately, there are active steps that you can take to stop water from hurting the structure […]

June 5 / 2022

What are the signs of Water Damage? What Should You Do Next?

Water damage is a widespread issue. According to information gathered by propertymangement.com, household water damage costs average approximately $20 billion annually. If you’re considering the use of water damage services, you are not alone.  While it’s easy to detect overt and late-stage water damage like flooding or a busted pipe, it helps to look for […]

May 5 / 2022

Do You Know What’s In Your Homeowners Policy?

Did you know that your homeowner’s policy may not cover some of the disasters you think it might? Understanding your policy details allows you to know when your insurance company may pick up the tab for a disaster or if you may have to do it yourself.  So, what does a home owner’s insurance policy […]

April 4 / 2022

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Dreyer's DKI continues to grow because we put our people first. Get to know the people who make up the Dreyer's DKI team.

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