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Slab Leak

Slab Leak Repair Services in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, & Lake City

Among the many structural problems that are difficult to detect, a slab leak is one of the most common types. A slab leak occurs when the area below a concrete slab is being invaded by a water leak. The clay shifting below your foundation is the most likely cause of the leak. Whenever the soil below your property experiences heavy shifting or heaving, the slab receives a massive amount of pressure, which eventually causes it to develop cracks. Once water can travel deep into the concrete, your home (especially those built over 30 years ago) will sustain various problems that can affect the structural strength. Moreover, the crevices created can permeate into your indoor living space and outdoor space, causing the following issues:

  • Foul Smelling Odors
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Damaged Floors, Rugs, Carpets
  • Landscaping Damage
  • Foundation Damage

Trying to solve these problems DIY style is not recommended because slab leaks are difficult to detect and the repairs require proper techniques and tools. If your home is experiencing a slab leak, call in the professionals right away.

Professional Slab Leak Repairs Near You

Our team at Dreyer’s DKI is always ready for any water-related problem. A slab leak can be a challenging fix, but our experienced team can patch it back up easily. Using our specialized equipment, we will hunt down the problematic area and address it accordingly. Cracks will be detected and sealed, returning the form and function of your concrete slab.

Our methods are fast, reliable, and professional, so give us a call today at 352-403-0085.  If you have further questions, please visit our contact page here.