How To Clean Smoke Damage

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Smoke and soot can be very damaging to your possessions. Getting your things cleaned up as soon as possible is essential if you have recently been through a fire. Most people think their items are ruined and cannot be restored, but this is not the case! Many smoke and soot damage cleaning services, like Dreyer’s DKI, can help get your things back to their original condition. This blog post will discuss the steps involved in restoring smoke and soot-damaged items.

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The first step in restoring your smoke and soot-damaged possessions is to contact a professional cleaning service, just like Dreyer’s DKI. Smoke and soot damage can be tough to clean up on your own, and it is essential to get professional help as soon as possible. When these soot particles are left uncleaned, there is a higher chance that you or your family could become seriously sick because of prolonged exposure to these dangerous chemicals. There would be a burning odor throughout your house, soot-filled air ducts, and stained walls.

Clean Up The Problem

The next step is to assess the damage. Dreyer’s DKI service can tell you what can be restored to its original condition and what needs to be replaced. We will give you an estimate of the restoration cost. Don’t worry about your family treasures or other artifacts; Dreyer’s DKI will do our best to restore your items to their original condition because we know how important it is to hold on to your precious memories.


Once the smoke and soot damage has been taken care of, it is essential to document the damage. The insurance company will use this documentation to determine the cost of restoration. You could take pictures or videos of all damaged items and make a list of all damages. We will even help you push your claim through to ensure you get the necessary care. Dreyer’s DKI and your insurance company will work hand-in-hand regarding your restorations.

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You know who to call if you need to clean up the fire, water, mold, or storm damage. Contact Dreyer’s DKI today for smoke damage cleaning services in and fire and smoke damage restoration in Gainesville, FL and Jacksonville, FL. 

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