Plumbing Partnership: Why Refer Clients to Dreyer’s DKI

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Excellent Customer Service Is Our Mission

Dreyer’s DKI prides itself on delivering the best customer service possible. Our customers are likely dealing with a stressful time, and we want to ensure they’re cared for. When a plumber refers our company to one of their clients, that is a serious responsibility.

After a plumber has completed their job, they may see water damage in the home. Who else would they call but Dreyer's DKI? We are the water damage experts! Dreyer’s DKI knows when a plumber recommends our services to their customers, they are sure to hear about their experience with us. This experience reflects on the plumber, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our company strives to exceed expectations with our services so plumbers can rest easy knowing their clients are taken care of. 

Referrals Get Paid… FAST!

Our company makes payments for the plumber quickly by giving them a pre-paid debit card that reloads immediately upon closing with the customer. They will refer us to the customer, and we communicate with them almost immediately. When signing with a customer, the commissioned funds get transferred to the plumber's debit card; it's effortless.

Clear Communication… Always!

Dreyer’s DKI talks with the plumber throughout the process, ensuring everyone is up to date on the project. Communicating with the customer and the plumber establishes a clear space for collaboration and understanding that we all want the best for the customer. The plumber benefits from this process because they receive a commission from the job and earn extra income from a reputable company. The customer benefits from this, too, because they get quality care from a loyal plumber and get water damage cleared by Dreyer's DKI. Customers can continue with their lives knowing they have received the best care possible. We are happy to give loyal and trustworthy care in all aspects of our work. 

Dreyer’s DKI is looking for plumbers who share our commitment to customer satisfaction with honesty and transparency. If that sounds like you, refer us to your clients who need disaster cleanup services and get paid FAST! Contact us today if you have any questions. 

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