What are the signs of Water Damage? What Should You Do Next?

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Water damage is a widespread issue. According to information gathered by propertymangement.com, household water damage costs average approximately $20 billion annually. If you’re considering the use of water damage services, you are not alone. 

While it’s easy to detect overt and late-stage water damage like flooding or a busted pipe, it helps to look for the early signs of water damage to prevent costly and more urgent issues. 

Here are a few tell tale signs to look for when you suspect water damage: 

Increase in Water Bill 

If you’re experiencing a leak, evidence of this event will show up on your monthly water bill. If you’ve noticed a sudden uptick in your water usage and the resulting bill, this could potentially indicate that a leak is happening somewhere in your home. 

Puddles of Water 

Did you know that 98% of basements experience water damage? Areas like these, including your garage, are locations that you want to watch for evidence like puddles of water and pooling. If you clean up these areas, only to find that a puddle has re-emerged, it’s highly likely that this is an early sign of water damage. 

Dark Spots and Discoloration on the Walls

Have you ever noticed any dark brown or tan spots in your home? If so, you may have water damage within the walls of your house. This discoloration could result from leaks from your roof, HVAC unit, or plumbing system. Pay close attention to where the dark spots occur, because this can provide even more insight into the leak's location. 

Cracking or Bubbling of Drywall 

Your ceiling and walls can offer many signs as to whether you have a leak. In addition to dark spots, your walls can show signs of cracking, flaking or bubbling due to water leaking from an appliance or plumbing. Monitoring where this is happening is wise because it indicates where water damage is inside your walls. 

A Moldy Smell 

Unfortunately, water and wood don’t often mix. When water blends with wood for an extended time, it can lead to the emergence of mold. Mold carries with it a distinct musty smell that is hard to ignore. If you’re climbing into your attic or going into your basement and smell mold, it is often a sign of water damage. 

What Should You Do if You See Early Signs of Water Damage?

Once you detect water damage, take immediate action. Failing to do so can lead to a bigger problem. Once you have identified the leak, it is best to remove any materials like furniture or valuables in the area. We recommend taking a photo of any evidence, such as dark spots, cracking or bubbling in the walls to help guide a plumber to the leak's location. We also recommend calling your insurance company to see if you’re eligible for coverage.

If you're facing a water damage situation, you don't have to figure out the next steps alone. Allow the team at Dreyek's DKI to provide water damage services and restore your property. We are ready to manage your cleaning and restoration needs.

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